The reason we've gathered here today! Where you will make a commitment to one another, in front of family and friends. 

After putting in all the work to plan your day, invite everyone, and not to mention, the time it took to write your vows... We want to make sure that everyone hears them!

We offer options designed for indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies to ensure your guests hear your officiant clearly. Our ceremony system includes a professional speaker system, wireless microphone, music, and coordination with your musicians, officiant, and your videographer to ensure all the audio from your ceremony is captured and recorded properly.

Our speaker system is fully wireless and battery powered so you're able to have your ceremony almost anywhere without having to rely on a nearby power supply.

Our speakers are also discretely placed to avoid standing out in your photos! 

A custom playlist of music for guest seating and for all the songs you would need for  your ceremony. 

The ceremony

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Photo: Sabrina Benning Photography

"DJ MN was great! When our original DJ cancelled 2 days before the wedding,  Mike was miraculously available. He made it easy and stress-free for us. He was organized and detail-oriented. He was very accommodating to what we wanted and even went out of his way to contact a composer to purchase a specific song I wanted for the ceremony. He has a ton of experience, so he also was able to recommend things that we hadn't even thought of! We would highly recommend DJ MN Events to anyone for their special day!
-Alicia I

Photo: Lexi Rose Photography


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